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So you'd like to affiliate with 2drpg.com? There are a few simple requirements first:

 - Must be in some way related to RPG Maker or RPG Gaming in general.
 - No 30 minute mockup / Freewebs / Geocities etc sites please :-).
 - A nice layout would be preferred.
 - Excessive advertisements and popups are bad. So are broken links.

Now that's out of the way, here's how to contact me:

Send an email over to erika [at] 2drpg [dot] com. You will have to include the following in your email:

 - A URL to an 88x31 button image, OR if you want a text link, the anchor text you would like.
 - A rough average of the traffic you receive isn't vital, but it would be nice.
 - The word boobies somewhere in your email. This is just a nice little thing I do to make sure people read this :).

If I choose to accept you, I'll email you back telling you so. Your button/link will appear on all current and future pages at 2DRPG, and you are expected to do the same.

To link via text:

Appears as:

To link via button:

Appears as: 2DRPG.com